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Designer and Custom Designed Neckties

We encourage our customers to email us or call with any color and design preferences so that our staff can select designs, based on YOUR preferences, for you to evaluate. For custom design projects just email your artwork, specifications, and quantities for an instant quote.  We also have experienced graphic design artists on our team to create something for you.

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About us

Designer and Custom Designed Neckties.

Our custom necktie project

Was smooth sailing all the way through. As opposed to the 90 day turnaround on our order, we received our custom Cristoforo Di Marco neckties in about seven weeks thanks to our project director and owner C. Mark Redden... Much appreciated from all of us here at Shoreline Painting.

Our innovative designer label is shown below:


Cristoforo Di Marco Label

We specialize in:

the production, design, and manufacturing of high quality neckties with our unique designer label "ConformaTies." Our brand, Cristoforo Di Marco is sold exclusively with this innovative designer label. Our designer label shown below on the left has not only proven to be very effective as a safety measure for those wearing ties around machinery and equipment, but also for anyone that is faced with the ever-present need to constantly readust thier tie throughout the day from normal movement, and of course, Windy Days! Additionally, whether you are wearing a $50 tie or a $5000 tie, tacky jewelry, such as tie tacks or tie bars take away from the design of the tie and slowly, but surely unravel the silk, effectively ruining the fabric.

Experience in the field

ConformaTies has been in business since 2005. Producing thousands of custom designed neckties for businesses, restaurants, schools, universities, yacht clubs, and individuals alike, we've increased our commitment to excellence and quality by offering our customers exceptional designer and custom designed neckties for any occasion at an affordable price.

Manufacturing facilities

Our manufacturing facilities

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Cristoforo Di Marco Neckties

The only brand that incorporates the innovative designer label - ConformaTies!

May 01 through September 30, 2019 only!

When selecting us for your next custom necktie project receive 20% off initial quote.

receive 20% off initial quote.

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